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Zolo Gawk Gawk Blowbot

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Product Overview

Gawk Gawk ultra-realistic, deep throat sucking and vibrating masturbator. Designed to surround your shaft with soft and pliable material.

The ZOLO Gawk Gawk is an ultra-realistic, deep throat sucking and vibrating masturbator. This powerful rechargeable oral sex simulator offers 10 vibration modes and 5 modes of suction, which can be blended for a mind-blowing orgasm. Featuring a fully detailed mouth complete with lips, tongue and teeth, the Gawk Gawk offers the ultimate deep throat experience. The Gawk Gawk is also USB-C rechargeable, waterproof and shower-friendly.

Perfect Gawk Gawk double twist 3000 action. Realistic lips, tongue and (soft) teeth designed for the perfect deep throat experience.

• 10 vibration modes
• 5 modes of suction
• Realistic lips, tongue, and teeth
• Ultra realistic deep throat action
• Adjustable vibration and suction modes
• Soft, textured and squeezable silicone
• Includes: 1 masturbator, 1 black mesh bag, and 1 instruction manual
• USB-C rechargeable
• Splashproof

• Length: 10.23" (25.98 cm)
• Width: 3.03" (7.70 cm)