Anal Toys and Stimulators

Anal Toys and Stimulators

  • Hooked Stainless Steel Anal Hook HPPMS-MO102_2

    XR Brands Master Series

    Hooked Stainless Steel Anal Hook



      A stainless steel anal hook is a versatile and durable sex toy designed for BDSM play. It features a steel hook on one end that's used for insertion, while the other end has a loop or ring for attaching ropes or chains. It's perfect for...

  • Ass Anchor Dilating Anal Plug HPPMS-AE328_2

    XR Brands Master Series

    Ass Anchor Dilating Anal Plug



    Our best selling Ass Anchor now comes in a smaller size! Its unique anchor shape allows it to close to insert like a classic butt plug, but expand once inside to keep in securely in place. Applies pressure on the P-spot and and flared base makes removal...

  • Body Action Anal Bleach Gel 1 Oz

    Body Action

    Body Action Anal Bleach Gel 1 Oz



    Anal Bleach Gel is a super concentrated intimate area skin lightening gel. It is formulated to help improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and diminish discolored areas of the skin. Ideal for Anal Vaginal Penis Scrotum Nipples Dark Underarms and all...

  • HPPBL-11102_5 HPPBL-11102_1

    Blush Novelties

    Performance - 16 Inch Silicone Anal Beads



    Our Advanced Silicone Anal Beads are smooth to the touch and allow you to safely explore anal play. The beads sizes vary from less than one inch to as large as 1.5 inches in diameter. As each bead pops into the body, the anal muscles will get a chance...

  • HPPAE-WF-4555-2_4 HPPAE-WF-4555-2_2

    Adam and Eve

    Clear Gem Anal Plug



    Experience the intense, targeted stimulation that you can only get with the weight & feel of polished aluminum. This large plug is perfect for advanced players who crave a body-safe toy that can also be warmed or chilled for exhilarating temperature play...

  • Adam and Eve Dual Pleasure Vibrator - Pink

    Adam and Eve

    Adam and Eve Dual Pleasure Vibrator - Pink



    Dual shafts set off extreme orgasms! Fulfill all your wickedest double penetration fantasies with this sizzling hot double penetration vibrator! The Adam and Eve Dual Pleasure Vibe thrills in front with a realistic 4.75" (12.07 cm) shaft, while in the...

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Whether you're looking for a classic butt plug, stimulating anal beads, or a state-of-the-art prostate massager, our selection of anal toys will stimulate and satisfy every appetite. Explore new sensations and awaken your senses with our comprehensive collection of stimulators, designed to heighten your experience and provide maximum pleasure. 


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